With twice as many conversions and four times as much revenue, Listrak’s AI-driven campaigns prove that predictive personalization strategies outperform traditional broadcast messages. Every time.

The Challenge

Yon-Ka Paris sought a high-touch and personal marketing experience aligned with its corporate goals: combing nature, science and expertise to provide a holistic and tailored experience to each and every customer. Listrak delivered.

The Solution

Listrak was a natural fit. Our solutions combine artificial intelligence, self-learning predictive algorithms, and actionable analytics from our Artificial Intelligence Suite with the actual intelligence, experience, and expertise of Listrak strategists to produce automated advanced segmentation, predictive content, and optimized interactions. Messages are authentic and relevant to each customer.

Listrak recommended sending messages with dynamic content, predictive product recommendations and predictive content – the trifecta of personalization – in order to increase engagement and conversions.

These messages deliver twice as many conversions and four times as much revenue.

By employing Listrak’s personalized solutions, we have not only been able to save time, but also have experienced increased traffic, engagement and revenue. What’s more, it is helping us achieve what many brands are seeing – more personal relationships with our customers.

Brittany Boykow, Digital Marketing Manager, Yon-Ka Paris

About Yon-Ka Paris

Made in France since 1954, Yon-Ka Paris offers a multi-sensorial skincare experience through the symbiosis of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Yon-Ka is dedicated to utilizing innovative and increasingly green formulas. Yon-Ka’s professional skincare line is carried in spas worldwide. Holistic and tailored to each person, Yon-Ka treatments combine the science of the product, the skill of the aesthetician, and the philosophy of giving to restore healthy, fresh, glowing skin and a firm, toned body.