The Challenge

25% of eCommerce revenue for Worx comes through the email channel due to the emphasis placed on this channel. Even though a major part of its strategy focuses on acquisition, the revenue growth was not aligned with the increased list size. The company looked to Listrak to augment the triggered campaigns they were already sending to increase the number of touchpoints, raise engagement metrics and drive more revenue.

The Solution

Worx implemented Listrak’s Alerts Suite to automate both Back in Stock and Price Drop notifications.

  • Back in Stock Alert: Average conversion rate 12%
  • Back in Stock Alert: $5.58 average revenue per email sent
  • Price Drop Alert test without price: Average conversion rate 7.9%
  • Price Drop Alert test with price: Average conversion rate 13.23%

Email is a huge revenue-driver for us. We’re already running a number of campaigns so in order to get more from our email channel, we have to be strategic. We wanted the Alerts to help deliver customers right back to the site when they didn’t make a purchase.


About Worx

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