Waterford Crystal

Crystal Clear Results: Waterford Drives Holiday Sales through Aggressive Email Strategy

Waterford Crystal – one of the core brands manufactured, distributed and sold by WWRD and one of the world's leading luxury entertaining, home decorating and fine gift manufacturers and retailers – thrived during the '09 holiday season due to a new aggressive - and potentially risky – email marketing strategy.

With a primary goal of increasing online revenue through the holiday season, Waterford worked with Listrak to change its email strategy to balance traditional branding with much more frequent email campaigns to keep the brand top of mind and increase online sales at Waterford.com.

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Keeping their traditional email campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving, Waterford deployed a total of 27 campaigns during a 13 week period promoting new collections, holiday products and gift giving ideas.

To maximize the effectiveness of each campaign, Listrak closely monitored opens and reads and implemented a customer engagement strategy of resending messages with a new subject line to subscribers who did not open the first message.

The strategy also included efforts to increase brand recognition and customer engagement. To do this, Listrak developed new creative, and made a standard template that was used for every Waterford campaign. The template creatively highlighted particular products and included clear purchasing calls to action. The consistent look made it easy for customers and subscribers to recognize the brand and relate to the products.

Email is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways for us to stay top of mind with our consumers and drive our online sales, ... Email marketing remains one of our top marketing priorities, as we plan to include more segmentation and automation with the goal of increasing engagement through relevant messaging that offers the greatest return on investment.

Joe Schmidt, director of eCommerce, Americas for WWRD US, LLC.