Timbuk2 puts customers first. Always. It offered the first online customizer in 1999, letting its shoppers custom design messenger bags and other merchandise. It re-platformed to Demandware in early 2014, focusing on ease of use and design. And Timbuk2 selected Listrak as its retail email marketing solutions provider due to Listrak's seamless integration with Demandware and the wide range of digital marketing solutions offered through Listrak's Demandware LINK cartridge.

Results were immediate. Within weeks of the launch, Timbuk2's cart abandonment rate dropped 35.4%. By eight months it was down an incredible 70.8%, averaging just 54%, which is well below industry averages.

Timbuk2 also saw multiple other significant improvements in their marketing efforts:

  • 29.6% increase in overall list size
  • 37% increase the number of reachable online shoppers
  • 70.8% decrease in abandoned carts

This success is a result of the strong relationships and true partnerships Timbuk2 has built with Demandware and Listrak. With a team of Listrak specialists that bring proven, retail-specific expertise and include an account manager, project and technical managers, graphic designers and deliverability experts, Timbuk2 has successfully navigated the challenges retailers face and have put in place a winning strategy that has exceeded their expectations.

The boost in reachable online customers also lead to a 63.7% increase in recovered carts. When shoppers abandon their carts, Timbuk2 sends out a three-message remarketing series over a one-week period, recouping the lost revenue.

Our account manager provides insights into campaigns and makes sure we are always improving and moving forward. The tactics and strategies he provides have helped out tremendously, but the thing we value the most is the collaborative approach. We value listening to our clients, and we can tell that Listrak really listens to us and understands where we're coming from.

Carolina Gomes, Business Manager eCommerce & Custom Timbuk2

Listrak and Demandware helped us quickly realize our goals. We are engaging more online shoppers, attracting more new customers and building loyalty and trust. The proof is in the numbers – we're generating nearly $70 for every dollar spent on our email program.

Carolina Gomes, Business Manager eCommerce & Custom Timbuk2

About Timbuk2

Timbuk2, a global retailer offering bags, luggage, accessories and apparel geared towards urban mobility, understands the importance of personalization and treating customers as individuals. Founded by a former bike messenger, Timbuk2 brought customization to the masses, selling customizable messenger bags and launching the first online customizer in 1999. Visit timbuk2.com to learn more.