The Grommet

The Grommet is an online marketplace and launch platform for undiscovered products. In a world of mass production and big box retailers, The Grommet's mission is to champion the little guy by launching the makers' innovative products into a larger marketplace and exposing them to a bigger audience.

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Email marketing has contributed to The Grommet's impressive growth, and Listrak is proud to be a partner.

Seeking greater ESP attention and support, The Grommet switched to Listrak in April 2013 and immediately felt welcomed into a true collaborative partnership.

In the first six months (April 2013 – September 2013), Listrak proved its capabilities and successfully helped support The Grommet's goal of growing awareness and acquiring subscribers who quickly become customers.

Welcome Series

Taking advantage of A/B split testing capabilities, The Grommet determined best practices for purchase incentives with this solution that helps to build customer loyalty.

Shopping Cart Recovery

The Grommet has an average shopping cart abandonment rate of 64.5%. With Listrak's Shopping Cart Abandonment solution, 7.54% of abandoned carts were recovered in the first six months and the solution is on target to deliver 1000% ROI over 12 months.

In addition, The Grommet subscribers converted to customers faster – 27 days in 2013 vs. 36 in 2012 – and 3Q 2013 revenue increased 750% over 3Q 2012.