Stio Success Story

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio was founded to inspire a connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products. Stio is apparel you can live in – in both the epic and quieter moments of outdoor life.

What Led Stio to Listrak

Stio launched in September of 2012 as an eCommerce retailer with a single brick and mortar location in their hometown of Jackson Hole, WY. Noah Waterhouse, Stio's Director of Marketing explains, "We were looking for an email marketing partner who had an intimate connection with and vested interest in its clients and that would help us to grow over time. Listrak fit that description."

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eCommerce growth in the first year

Like most new brands, Stio's goal is to gain marketshare through brand awareness, acquire new customers and turn those customers into brand loyalists. Two key solutions are instrumental in Stio accomplishing its goals:

Modal Acquisition

Implementing a modal lightbox increased Stio's list size by 21% in just nine months.

Modal sign-up subscribers converted at a rate of 9.97%, through a three-message welcome series contributing 6% of the total year's email revenue.

Sweepstakes Campaigns

Stio partnered with like-minded companies in sweepstakes promotions, allowing them to quickly build brand awareness with consumers who would be ideal Stio customers.

Modal Acquisition remains one of the most effective tools available to rapidly grow an email list

Stio Sweepstakes

To date, Stio's Modal Acquisition, paired with Listrak's Welcome Series campaign, has resulted in a significant increase in new subscribers as well as website sales.

When consumers visit, a popup window invites them to subscribe to Stio's email list. The popup is not displayed to visitors who previously signed up via the popup window, and Stio can control the delay before the popup reappears to visitors who previously chose not to opt in.

Together, three sweepstakes campaigns increased Stio's subscriber list by over 14,300

"As a new retailer trying to grow our customer database, email gives us the best return. Stio subscribers are passionate about the outdoors and high-quality outdoor apparel, and email is a great way to engage and inform them leading up to an initial purchase, and then to continue to communicate with them, turning them into brand loyalists," Noah adds.

Stio Sweepstakes
Back Country Magazine Co-sponsored Sweepstakes
3,500+ new Stio subscribers
Stio Sweepstakes
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6,300+ new Stio subscribers
Deep Dreams Sweepstakes
4,500+ new Stio subscribers

Most recently, Stio was the featured brand in a sweepstakes campaign, called Deep Dreams in Jackson Hole. The giveaway included a long weekend in Jackson Hole with lots of amenities and a $1,000 Stio shopping spree.