Smart Furniture

With switch to Listrak, Smart Furniture sees double!

Segmentation strategy results in twice the revenue from half as many emails.

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The Challenge:

Smart Furniture was seeking an ESP with speed and customization capabilities to send targeted marketing messages to a growing list of diverse customer segments. The goal was to develop and implement a plan for automated messages timed to specific behaviors of multiple groups within a list of 60,000 active subscribers.

We sent about half as many emails to customers and got about twice the revenue...So what that tells me is, we're being far more specific and relevant to our customers than we ever were before – and the results are far better for us.

Gil Cayabyab, Smart Furniture VP of Marketing

The Solution:

By switching to Listrak, Smart Furniture was able to:

  • Easily divide five previous customer segments into 30.
  • Develop automated behavior-triggered campaigns - Welcome Series, Post-Purchase Series and Shopping Cart Abandonment Series.
  • Do A/B split testing to maximize campaign performance.
  • Strategically monitor campaign results.