Automated, value added email program increases gross profit for's 2013 goal was to switch their marketing focus toward an automated, profit-focused, value added program and away from their traditional "batch and blast" campaigns that focused on deep discounting. After closely reviewing the company's 2012 performance, noticed that their tactic of deep discounting, combined with the surprisingly high cost of offering free shipping, was causing them to underperform in terms of profitability and bottom line revenue.

In response, shifted their marketing paradigm and began focusing on only selling items that were profitable and keeping discounts to a minimum. In addition, the retailer decided to charge for shipping. They found that by charging for shipping, they both created an additional source of revenue and were able to leverage free shipping as a value-added promotion periodically. In fact, simply offering free shipping or a small discount, when marketed properly, could be as effective as a 25% off coupon.

Prior to 2013, automated campaigns made less than 7% of total email revenue for With the new email strategy in place, that number increased to 22% in 2013, meeting the company's profitability goal. Now,'s automated campaigns feature smaller discounts with more value assigned to them to make the customer still feel special.

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Our switch to Listrak couldn't have come at a better time. The deep integration between Listrak and the Demandware platform made it a snap to set up and run the automated campaigns that have become the cornerstone of our email marketing strategy.

Paul Voorheis, Director of Email Marketing Statistics

About is an online retailer, founded in 1997, that joins a number of brick and mortar locations all founded by Steve Koptiz. The team that Steve has assembled at is dedicated to making the ultimate online ski shop destination. In December of 2008, was named to Internet Retailer's Hot 100 websites for 2009. Widely viewed as the pinnacle of ecommerce industry magazines, Internet Retailer selected as one of only seven websites for its sporting goods category.