SkinCareRx Overcomes Deliverability Issues and Keeps Customers Engaged

When SkinCareRx came to Listrak as a new customer, Listrak immediately addressed their deliverability issue by scrubbing their list, removing nearly 30% of addresses because they were invalid. Listrak also worked to establish SkinCareRx as Return Path Certified.

As a result, SkinCareRx began sending more targeted emails to a smaller number of more qualified subscribers, which not only increased deliverability, but also sales.

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To engage customers, SkinCareRx implemented a Modal Pop-up and a Welcome Series Campaign. The Modal Pop-up allowed them to re-grow their subscriber list and the three-message Welcome Series drove engagement.

Additionally, over the holidays, SkinCareRx executed a "12 Days of Giveaways" campaign to stay in front of customers.

All programs worked in concert to give SkinCareRx a significant lift in overall sales and level of customer engagement.

To maximize email revenue, a five- month Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign was implemented that resulted in an impressive average 33% open rate and 18% conversion rate.

A second SCA campaign featuring recommended products generated an even higher conversion rates than the first.

Listrak really acts more like an extension of our business than just an eCommerce email marketing provider. Having Listrak's strategic guidance has helped SkinCareRx to trigger the right emails with the right messages at the right time, while making sure we don't over-send to our customers.

Mike Nelson, online marketing director IntelaDermLLC