Daily testimonial emails promote skin care as a gift during the holiday season

Naturopathica wanted to inspire and engage their subscribers with unique and personal content, inspire skin care gift giving and drive sales during the shortened 2013 holiday period. They recognized that in order to accomplish this, they would need a campaign that stood out from the barrage of emails customers typically see over the holidays.

The answer came in the form of an email campaign featuring daily testimonials that focused on making skin care, which is usually a personal use purchase, a great giftable purchase. To do this, Naturopathica turned to their staff and social media, asking their Facebook community to share what they would give and why. Using these testimonials, they created a series of daily email blasts, each featuring a recommended product with personal statements about why the highlighted product would be a great gift for a friend or loved one.

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Conversions increase, bounce rate decreases

Catchy subject lines such as "Mistletoe Ready" and "Your Holiday Party Skin Saver" helped contribute to an average open rate of 13.4% and an average conversion rate of 15.2%. By having a personalized and targeted campaign that focused on recommended products for the customer, the bounce rate dropped 25%.

campaign elements

Naturopathica created a seasonal, holiday-inspired look for the new templated emails that included a "touch of luxury." Within these emails they highlighted key holiday shipping dates, a clear call-to-action and a link to a landing page that housed a "Holiday Look Book" for more information on the products, additional testimonials and the ability
to purchase.


Naturopathica's campaign ran for 7 days
december 6, 2013 - december 13, 2013

Email is a growing tool for driving competitive holiday sales and telling our brand story. Our partnership with Listrak has helped us to create gorgeous, branded, high-impact emails that drive measureable growth, despite a shortened holiday season.

Sarah Falcon, Director of Direct Marketing & Sales

About Naturopathica

Naturopathica is dedicated to the health and well-being of skin, which means they never use ingredients that can cause irritation, so your skin can focus on looking younger and feeling healthier. From Aloe Vera to L-Ascorbic Acid to Peptides and Plant Stem Cells, every ingredient in their formulas works in harmony with the skin's natural processes.