With a steady revenue on broadcast messages, Mood sought a way to more easily present their subscribers with relevant products from their extensive inventory. Recurring Automated Campaigns would do this by using algorithms to merchandise top sellers, trending products and other current products to their customers without investing in extra time or resources. Mood implemented three different recurring campaigns beginning at various times throughout Q3 2014.

The Recurring Automated Campaigns that Mood is sending account for 15% of the company's total automated and broadcast message revenue. The AOV of the Recurring Automated Campaigns is also $5 higher than that of their Broadcast Messages. The average revenue per email for the three Recurring Automated Campaigns is 3% higher than the average for Mood's broadcast revenue per email, which is especially impactful because the recurring messages are "set it and forget it" campaigns.

Automated recurring emails accounted for 5% of Mood's total eCommerce revenue from July 21 through Oct. 13, 2014; and the combined revenue from their broadcast and Recurring Automated Campaigns accounted for 28% of the company's total eCommerce revenue.

About Mood

Most recently best known for their fabrics featured on Project Runway and for being dubbed one of "Fashion's 50 Most Powerful" by the New York Daily News, Mood Fabrics has played a vital role in the fashion world for more than two decades, and has built an impeccable reputation based on honesty, creativity and hard work. Beginning as a designer, Jack Sauma, founder of Mood, moved from Sweden to New York and began sewing clothing for famous designers such as Michael Kors, Geoffrey Beene and Pierre Cardin. Today, Mood has locations on both the East and West Coast, and the day-to-day operations are run by Jack's two sons, Philip and Eric.