Customer insights lead to innovation and increased revenue for luxury brand retailer

JomaShop, an online discount retailer of luxury watches, proves they know their luxury goods customers and their shopping behavior. With a simple yet unique repeat messaging strategy, JomaShop converts clicks to purchases without compromising their profit margins.

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Campaign Goal

Increase eCommerce revenue by recapturing sales lost due to abandoned carts.

Customer Insights

Consumers of high ticket items demonstrate strong brand affinity, but often do not purchase on impulse.

Email Strategy

"Remail" to those who show interest by opening but not purchasing from an initial email featuring brand names with a second email featuring the same brands.

Campaign Results

The second email campaign results in open, read and click-through rates that are more than double those of the first emails: 46.73% vs. 22.33%, 32.40% vs. 15.43% and 11.39% vs. 4.86%, respectively. In addition, the "remail" campaign yields a 41.6% lift in revenue.

It is essential to know customers in your product category and their unique shopping behavior, and use these insights to form communication strategies and tactics.

A special offer that compromises the merchant's bottom line isn't always necessary to convert a subscriber who previously clicked. A "remail" campaign can maximize the revenue potential not captured in the first campaign at very little additional cost to the merchant.