JimmyJazz.com Triumphs over Abandoned Carts, Increases eComm Sales 4%

JimmyJazz.com, a leading urban retailer with storefronts in the eastern U.S. and a popular online retail site, knew it was losing sales from abandoned shopping carts. In fact, its average cart abandonment rate was 80.84%, slightly higher than the industry average. It turned to Listrak to help recapture those lost sales through its Shopping Cart Abandonment solution.

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Increase eCommerce revenue by recapturing sales lost due to abandoned carts


Automated three message shopping cart abandonment series with progressive discounting offers

JimmyJazz.com keeps margins high by withholding a discount in the first message, offering a small discount in the second and sweetening the deal in the third. In many cases, a simple reminder is enough to prompt customers into action to complete the sale so there is no need to hastily sacrifice profits with a discount in the first email.