Educational Experience

Educational Experience has learnt to embrace true lifecycle marketing

Educational Experience is one of Australia's largest and most trusted retailers of educational products to the education and care sector. Like many eCommerce stores, Educational Experience had a high volume of traffic, but also a large volume of abandoned shopping carts (80%) and needed a way to re-engage customers and encourage them to return to the website to complete their orders.

Utilising the Listrak Shopping Cart Recovery solution, Educational Experience was able to successfully recapture many of these lost sales with a series of three automated, triggered and personalised email messages.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaign

When a shopping cart is abandoned, Educational Experience first sends a customer service orientated message asking if anything was wrong or if the customer is in need of assistance in completing her order. If the customer does not complete the order, a sense of urgency is then established in the second message which reminds the customer that their shopping cart will soon expire.

A third and final email message contains an offer as a last effort to entice the customer to complete the order. The offer in this last email message is personalised to the customer based on the value of the abandoned shopping cart. For example, if the total amount in the cart is under $400, free shipping is offered, and if the order amount is over $400, a 5% discount is offered.

Campaign Statistics

The Educational Experience Shopping Cart Recovery program resulted in a significant 14.4% recovery rate of abandoned carts, with 90% of the carts being recovered as a result of the first two messages which contain no discount and no sacrifice to the retailer's margins. The Shopping Cart Recovery series also provides the opportunity to derive important consumer insights directly related to customers' purchasing patterns, behaviours and shopping journey.

The abandoned shopping cart campaign has been one of our most successful campaigns in the past six months. Given our customers have a busy lifestyle, quite often a simple reminder is enough to convert to a sale.

Sarah Dennis, National Marketing Manager