E.C. Kraus

Adding Review Request to Post Purchase Campaign Boosts Reviews and Conversions for E.C. Kraus

83% of all holiday shoppers are influenced by customer reviews, and over half of Millennials (consumers age 18-34) trust the opinion of strangers online over those of friends and family.* Realizing the powerful impact of social proof, an increasing number of ecommerce brands are beginning to include ratings and reviews as part of their post purchase follow-up.

E.C. Kraus, home wine making supplies purveyor and Listrak client, implemented a Post Purchase Campaign with Review Request in September 2012 to engage customers and increase the number of reviews received for its products. After less than three months of running the campaign, the company achieved that goal and more.

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48 Reviews

January 1 – September 13, 2012
Before Post Purchase Campaign with Review Request

E.C. Kraus received 48 reviews from their Post Purchase campaign – less than one review every five days.

360% Increase

September 13 – December 31, 2012
After Post Purchase Campaign with Review Request

E.C. Kraus received 220 reviews from its Post Purchase campaign – an increase of 360% in reviews in a little more than one third of the time.

In addition, Post Purchase Review emails yielded a 14% conversion rate.

I have always felt that having another reason to contact a customer is a good thing, and that is exactly what the Review Request program does. It allows us to capture more reviews for our products, while at the same time providing more interaction between our company and our recent customers. The additional orders from these Review Request emails have more than paid for the entire program.

Ed Kraus, president of E.C. Kraus

*Sources: Channel Advisor "Consumer Shopping Habits Survey," August 2010; Bazaarvoice "Social Trend Report 2012," June 2012.