After learning about Listrak through an eCommerce industry veteran, the JEGS team took a closer look and liked Listrak’s approach to working with clients – a partnership that’s based on a consultative style. It’s critical to understand where a client’s marketing sophistication lies. When reviewing the JEGS overall digital strategy, it was evident that a few key modifications would provide a more individualized approach, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

After 90 days, JEGS saw a 700% increase in overall revenue. As with all of Listrak’s clients, they are now working to further refine their digital strategy to continue accelerating their online growth.


At JEGS Performance Automotive, speed is everything – both on the track and off. After three years with another marketing platform, we switched to Listrak and saw a 700% increase in revenue – in less than 90 days.


About JEGS

As the most trusted name in automotive performance, JEGS began in the 1960s as half garage/half auto parts store with an iconic mail order catalog. Over the last 5+ decades, JEGS has grown into a fully-stocked digital commerce experience and the preferred destination for every gearhead, professional racer, weekend warrior and restoration nut.