About Manly Bands

Manly Bands founders, Michelle and John, wanted to create a buying experience with reverence, class, and love for all men and women in the buying process. After a horrible experience when shopping for their wedding bands, they are constantly improving and optimizing the experience to make wedding band buying the least stressful part of the wedding planning process.

Listrak is the complete package - they consistently exceed our service and performance expectations. It has been a truly fantastic experience. –Stephanie Bregman, CMO, Manly Bands


Manly Bands’ mission is centered around providing a unique, personalized, exceptional customer experience.  So when it came time to select a digital marketing partner, they had very high expectations.

Their requirements during the evaluation ranged from needing an enterprise digital marketing platform that could scale, to best-in-class strategy and service. They found the right partner who provided everything they were looking for, and more, with Listrak.

Listrak’s innovative technology and customized solutions, combined with the development of a strategic plan for incremental growth, provides a unique experience that delivers real results. Listrak’s focus on their client’s success aligns perfectly to the values and needs of the Manly Bands team.


Manly Bands has recognized significant growth with Listrak, since leaving their former providers. In addition to their current email campaigns and strategies, Manly Bands has also signed on with Listrak’s mobile solution (SMS/ MMS) to expand and drive results through cross-channel revenue opportunities.


Incremental Lift Over Previous Vendors

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