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"The team did a great job supporting us throughout the holiday season. Really, these guys ROCK!" – Darren Johnson, Director Of E-commerce, Lovesac

Founded when a teenager aimed to build the world’s largest beanbag, Lovesac has become an international retailer of alternative furniture. After undergoing a full visual rebrand, the Sac and Sactionals retailer wanted to create a new consumer-focused site and marketing strategy that would reflect its matured branding and would bring in more revenue.

Lovesac looked to its long-time Magento ecommerce solutions provider, Corra, for implementation of the site’s redesign as well as for a restructuring of its information architecture.

The company also tapped Listrak to provide a complete email marketing and shopping cart abandonment strategy to increase the site’s traffic and conversion.


Selling lounge furniture online is a challenge on its own. Between high shipping costs and an inability to touch and feel the product, customers tend to prefer to purchase this type of product in-store (not surprisingly, Lovesac has 40+ stores in upscale malls across the US). Together, Corra and Listrak would need to take a multifaceted approach to increasing Lovesac’s online conversion.

Lovesac maintains a fair bit of content on its site to provide customers with all the info they’d need to make a purchase decision. Unfortunately their content wasn’t always intuitive to navigate. Corra would need to completely redesign the taxonomy to avoid overwhelming users with the content.

Listrak, on the other hand, would need to devise a marketing strategy that would encourage customers to complete their transactions.

Also, Lovesac had a tight deadline—development had to be completed early in preparation for the holiday season.That left just 3 months for the project.

Information architecture— Corra simplified the main navigation to 3 categories. “Sactionals”and “Sacs” link to landing pages with video, images and more info about each product.


Working together, Corra and Listrak created a two-pronged solution for increasing Lovesac’s conversion rates and ultimately its online revenue.

Listrak launched a comprehensive email marketing campaign to increase traffic, and then a Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign to encourage indecisive shoppers to finish checking out.

At the same time, Corra sought to better educate customers about the product. Corra built 2 multimedia landing pages(for Sacs and Sactionals) using videos to give customers a better sense of each product. They improved the taxonomy and navigation. They added a Photo Gallery, integrated Olark live chat to encourage Q + A, and displayed Lovesac’s “Free Shipping” offer more prominently. Finally, Corra implemented a full site redesign to reflect Lovesac’s new rebrand.

Enhanced user experience — The Photo Gallery displays lifestyle images, allowing customers to get a better sense of the product and to generate interior decorating ideas. Live chat is also available for immediate Q+A


The results speak for themselves. Lovesac saw a 40% increase in Q4 online sales and a 36% increase in Q4 conversions, YoY.

The email marketing campaign alone accounted for 20% of online revenue, with Shopping Cart Abandonment customers bringing in 37% of email revenue.

Lovesac has been so pleased with the results, the company has already started planning Phase II. With Corra, they will add a fully responsive web design (for improved mobile capabilities) and a custom online furniture configurator. WIth Listrak, a Post Purchase Drip campaign to reengage customers is in the works.

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