About Lolë

Born and entirely designed in Montréal, Canada since 2002, Lolë offers innovative and functional collections of activewear in 40 stores and within its network of wholesale partners across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Lolë had worked with multiple vendors who were unable to provide the level of technology and expertise the international brand required. This led Lolë to choose Listrak, the one partner who could fulfill every aspect of their complex marketing program. With US, Canadian and European clientele, Lolë needed an experienced partner who could execute acquisition, deliverability and personalization solutions across multiple-country and multiple-language domains. 

When onboarding with Listrak, each client receives a custom migration plan unique to their specific needs. For Lolë, this meant a dedicated IP for each region and properly warming those IPs which has immediately increased engagement and ROI within Lolë’s campaigns. 

Listrak stood apart from the field with their ability to send personalized, multi-language messaging across the global markets we serve, all within one platform.
- Florent Devos, Lolë


Since recently launching with Listrak, Lolë has experienced an immediate 218x ROI.  As part of Listrak’s growth strategy, Lolë will continue to create highly-personalized and targeted campaigns across North America and Europe.


ROI Since Launch

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