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D’Artagnan optimizes email program by consolidating under Listrak platform

Founded in 1985 by renowned gourmet food purveyor Ariane Daguin, D’Artagnan has been at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement—producing superior tasting products by partnering with small ranches and farms that adhere to strict standards and share D’Artagnan’s commitment to: free-range natural production; sustainable, humane farming practices; and no added use of antibiotics or hormones.

After replatforming onto Demandware, D’Artagnan had been using Listrak for Shopping Cart Abandonment only and another Email Service Provider for other email campaigns. When Joe Schmidt joined the team, he reviewed the email program, and it was apparent there was room for increased efficiency, expansion and opportunity. Asa result, the company made the decision to consolidate its email program under a single Email Service Provider with Listrak.

In addition to the convenience of having a single vendor, the company soon began seeing the benefits of the consolidation and expanded program under the Listrak platform.

Subscription Points and Shopping Cart Abandonment

Prior to consolidating all email under Listrak, the checkout process was the only subscription point wired into D’Artagnan’s Shopping CartAbandonment program—with the email capture point being several steps into the checkout process. Listrak quickly recognized and acted on the opportunity to improve D’Artagnan’s ability to reach a greater number of cart abandoners and improve the performance of the cart abandonment campaign.

First, Listrak ensured that D’Artagnan’s Shopping Cart Abandonment program was getting email addresses from all subscription points, including a new, sitewide modal pop-up and preference center, mini form, account, blog and Facebook. In addition, on the suggestion of the company’s Listrak Account Manager, D’Artagnan modified the checkout process —moving email capture for log-in and guest checkout flows to the first step of checkout versus the second or third step under the previous program.

In just six months, both D’Artagnan’s reachable carts and revenue rate for its three-message Shopping CartAbandonment campaign doubled. The company now reaches more than six out of every 10 cart abandoners.

In just six months, both D’Artagnan’s reachable carts and revenue rate for its three-messageShopping Cart Abandonment campaign doubled.

Welcome Series

Similarly, D’Artagnan was sending a single-message welcome series to only those new subscribers who were acquired through a modal served on the website’s homepage. A new, site wide modal, coupled with all subscription points being wired to a four-part Welcome Series, resulted in dramatic improvements to the company’s Welcome campaign. In just six months, D’Artagnan’s Welcome Series was generating more than 10 times as much as its previous welcome email had in the previous 12 months.

Listrak and D’Artagnan continue to work together to optimize the company’s email marketing plan, including automated post purchase and reengagement campaigns. Less than a year into the partnership, the average conversion rate for D’Artagnan’s marketing emails was nearly triple the benchmark — with email accounting for more than a third of the company’s overall ecommerce revenue at an ROI of nearly 40x


Revenue Increase for Welcome Series

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