Listrak Strategy Services

We’ll customize our level of service to your exact needs

Below is a snapshot of our offerings.

Actionable Insights

We leverage the data that matters most, accurately assessing all opportunities to deliver strategic guidance that optimizes performance and grows revenue.

Actionable Insights
Email Analysis and Reporting

We dig deep into your data, looking at the metrics of your broadcast and triggered messages to determine email performance trends over time and we provide insights for optimization of current solutions.

Campaign Benchmarking

We build your individual benchmarks per campaign as well as compare your results against vertical and industry benchmarks to identify opportunities and we will create a detailed strategy to optimize campaign performance.

Subscriber Audit

We execute a detailed analysis of current email subscribers, including time on list, recency and frequency of email engagement and purchases, and other key data points along the customer journey in order to provide a comprehensive view of each subscriber.

Competitive Analysis

We monitor competitor activity and their customer engagement levels across all channels – email, mobile, display, social and stores – and will highlight opportunities for you to differentiate your brand.

In-Store Assessment

We perform assessments of your in-store email capture, e-receipts, in-store mobile/SMS capabilities and in-store loyalty – as well as other store operations – and will help build strategies and training materials to ensure you collect the right data while enhancing your shoppers’ experiences with your brand.

Executable, Customer-Based Strategies

Executable, Customer-Based Strategies

We believe that a comprehensive view of your customer lives in your data and we build strategies that allow you to easily access that data to inform personalized, cross-channel campaigns.

Customer-Intent Segmentation Strategy

We identify all data points available for segmentation and analyze email engagement alongside customer behavior and purchase history data. We’ll identify your high value customer segments and build strategies to reach that audience more effectively to build loyalty through highly targeted, personalized and cross-channel campaigns.

Personalization Strategy

We develop guidelines surrounding your use of product recommendations online and in email campaigns in order to truly personalize every communication with every shopper.

Email Lifecycle Strategy

We monitor subscriber engagement and activity along the customer journey and build strategies to move subscribers from low to high value, including additional touchpoints at the right stage.

Content Strategy

We review the content your customers are currently receiving and make recommendations on ways to personalize the messages to ensure you deliver impactful emails that resonate with your audience.

Omnichannel Strategy

We outline and roadmap a strategy designed to reach customers across multiple channels – email, mobile, display, social and stores – and ensure all touchpoints work together seamlessly to engage customers where and how they shop.

Scalable Innovation

We create customized plans with a phased approach and documented timelines and deliverables to move you from insights to execution effectively, reducing strain on your time and resources while greatly boosting revenue and ROI.

Scalable Innovation
Detailed Communications Plan

We build executable and customizable communication plans featuring a phased approach with documented timelines and deliverables. These goal-based strategies will keep you on track and on trend.

Promotional and Message Calendar Development

We develop a marketing calendar detailing email deployment dates, topics and segments to ensure your promotions and messages are consistent across all channels and are received at the right time.

Market-Leading Technology

We align our marketing strategies with our market-leading technology to ensure all campaigns are automated, all data collection and trigger points are in sync and all implementations are seamless so you move from insights to execution effectively.

Customized Tiered Approach

We offer tiered service levels which may be customized to deliver the right level of service at any given time. This ensures your marketing ROI remains high while giving you the flexibility and scalability to focus on your current business challenges.

Ongoing Analysis and Optimization

We routinely perform split-tests to optimize campaign performance. We provide detailed reporting on email campaign performance and ongoing program enhancements to ensure you consistently beat your benchmarks and exceed your goals.