2017 Research Report and Look Book: Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics - Using Customer Browse Data to Inform Cross-Channel Messages

2016 was the year of personalization as marketers moved towards true one-to-one messaging. Marketers have always had mountains of customer data at their fingertips. However, the ability to use that data remained just out of reach, especially as consumer behavior became more complex. That all changed as new technology was introduced to automate message personalization. Many retailers were quick to jump on board, serving up product recommendations on-site, in emails and in display ads.

We researched over 400 retailers to determine what cross-channel strategies and tactics are being used to engage customers.

Key Findings:

- Leading marketers are basing recommendations on each shopper's browse behavior, moving beyond sharing just new and popular items.

- 30% of the shopping cart abandonment messages we received included product recommendations based on the items we browsed and carted.

- Nearly 15% of retailers studied sent browse abandonment messages, and nearly 80% of those messages included personalized product recommendations. 

- Programmatic advertising is on the rise. We were served display ads featuring products we browsed from 70% of the retailers studied. 

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