Back In Stock Alerts: Save the Sale and Boost Your Subscriber Base

Each year, retailers lose an estimated $93 billion in sales due to out-of-stock inventory. But with Back in Stock Alerts, you can turn that out of stock experience into an opportunity for email acquisition, customer engagement, recouping of lost revenue and, ultimately, increased sales. 

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Highly effective remarketing

Having a customer make it all the way to checkout only to discover that the product she intended to purchase is out of stock is disappointing to both the shopper and you, the retailer. But you don’t want to remove out of stock items from your website that could potentially capture shopper interest and result in a future purchases. 

Back in Stock Alerts are a highly effective remarketing tactic that will increase customer lifetime value.  What’s more, we’ve seen Back in Stock Alerts provide as much as a six dollar return per email sent.

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