Every retailer knows that building and maintaining a healthy list of subscribers is critical to the success of an email marketing program. In fact, the email address is more valuable than ever, as it is quickly becoming the key cross-channel customer identifier.

While there are a handful of ways to acquire email addresses – and new options arise frequently – the indisputably most effective tactic is the modal lightbox, also referred to as a modal popup or popover. 

At Listrak, we closely track the performance of the modal lightboxes on hundreds of retail clients’ websites. Recently, we studied the modal results of over four hundred retail clients over a typical one-month period (April 2015). In the following report, we share the global performance averages from that study, but more importantly, we take a look at what the top-performing and least effective modals have in common to give retailers insight on how to build best-in-class (rather than average) performing modals.

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