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8 Ways to Increase your Long-term Customer Engagement Using Personalized Content

Retailers face fierce competition from Amazon while trying to build meaningful relationships with shoppers. Additionally, the Millennial shopper is interested in not just the purchase of a product, but in having a distinct online experience with a personalized touch included in every interaction.

Beyond the Benchmark: Untapping True Campaign Potential

Email benchmarks provide an easy way to measure your campaigns, but it is only the beginning. A few tweaks can greatly impact results, taking your metrics from average to best-in-class.

10 Must-Target Audiences for Paid Search and Social Advertisers

The shopper journey isn't linear. Customers interact across multiple touchpoints, which is both an opportunity and a challenge to retailers. In just 30 minutes, Matt Vollmer will show you how to leverage first-party and third-party data to reach your audiences across paid search and paid social channels.

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