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Litmus Live Encore: Increase your Marketing Reach this Holiday Season

Join Matt Vollmer, Product Manager at Listrak, for an encore presentation of his Litmus Live Session. He’ll show you real-world creative and targeting tactics to help you get started in channels that work with email like SMS and Paid Social. He’ll also cover how you can take what you’ve already learned from email and use it to test tactics in new channels.

Improve Travel & Hospitality Email Marketing with Segmentation, Personalization, and Guest Content

Learn personalization and segmentation digital marketing strategies to drive opens, clicks and revenue. Add on a layer of User Generated Content to drive engagement and together, turn guests into ambassadors.

Expand Your Remarketing Reach with Programmatic Ads

Join us as Ian Zehler and Maura McKendry explain how programmatic ads work, how you can automate the process and best practices for re-engaging your audience. They’ll share real examples and strategies from brands that are getting it right.

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