Acquisition is at the top of every marketer’s mind. But in 2018, it’s time to think beyond the inbox when it comes to acquisition tactics.

Join us as Brandon Brophy and Sean Henry discuss new ways to engage and acquire customers where they spend the majority of their online time: in Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail, YouTube and Twitter. For years, marketers saw the value of advertising in these powerful social networks; however, it was difficult to monetize as they weren’t easily tied to a CRM. Plus, the fact that the separate networks required marketers to spend most of their time managing data files across the different platforms, leaving little time or resources available for creating the ads.

Listrak Exchange solves these problems by syncing data between your Listrak Smart Audiences or custom segments in real-time with the most popular social networks. The two-way sync automatically pushes data back to Listrak so you know immediately who has subscribed or engaged with your ads. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn how easy it is to build intelligent and engaging social ads that resonate with highly-targeted audiences.



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