2017 Holiday Predictions for Retail Marketers

What’s in Store for Q4

Listrak's retail experts offer a glimpse into the future to help you prepare for the 2017 holiday season.

Cyber Month?

Brent Shroyer

VP of Product Marketing

With an additional day between Thanksgiving and Christmas (compared to last year), retailers will continue to transform Cyber Monday into Cyber Week."

Lauren Eisenhauer

Customer Marketing Manager

Retailers are no longer waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kick off the holiday season. Instead, we could see promotions starting early November and continuing throughout the entire month."

Ryan Ogurcak

Director of Client Services

There will continue to be a huge shift towards earlier promotional time periods. Retailers won’t wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to unveil their best promotions – they will begin several days before Thanksgiving."

Automation in Motion

Andrew Rotteveel

Director of Corporate Strategy

Retailers will take advantage of the power of machine learning/AI to develop a more targeted and automated shopping experience."

Karen DiClemente

Director of Strategy Services

Last year we saw many browse abandonment messages generate as much revenue as shopping cart abandonment; this year, we’ll see browse abandonment be the clear winner for automated retargeting campaigns."

Beyond the Inbox

Carly Povilaitis

VP of Client Services

Mobile will continue to dominate, with a growing influence in retail. Marketers will get more innovative and sophisticated with its use to enhance the customer experience."

Katherine Brown

Senior Account Manager

To beat the always increasing competition in the inbox, retailers will depend more on SMS and MMS to grab their customers’ attention."

Data is Power

Laurel Morse

Strategy Consultant

Personas are going to get a lot more attention, as is predictive content. Brands are going to start identifying their different kinds of shoppers and speaking more appropriately to them with the campaigns they send. It'll also get increasingly easy to combine online and offline behavioral data to paint a bigger picture -- one that isn't just focused on products and shopping, but also on engaging content that builds a brand relationship."

Matt Vollmer

Product Manager

By utilizing automated integrations that help them activate their first-party data, retailers will be able to experiment with imaginative, holiday themed, acquisition and re-engagement campaigns across social and display channels."

Stand Out from the Crowd

Aaron Pearson

Product Manager

With thousands of emails pouring in during the holiday season, it is important to stand out in the inbox and deliver when subscribers are most active. The most effective email campaigns will include personalized names, subject lines, and pre-headers. This can make the difference between a click or skip."

Megan Ouellet

Director of Content Marketing

We’ll see new twists on the “12 days” campaigns because they continue to increase engagement and generate sales each year."

Elsie Compton

Graphic Designer

This season we'll see a lot of animated GIFs and bold, bright colors. Eye-catching (and not distracting!) GIFs will really add a special touch to your email, and bold and bright sales offers and call-to-action buttons will help entice your customer to make a purchase."

Stores and More

Kate Lowry

VP of Marketing

In-store pick-up options will become even more popular; retailers will promote online orders being picked-up at brick and mortar locations to increase storefront foot traffic."

Sean Henry

Account Manager

Retailers will incorporate technology to create smarter, more connected stores."