Reporting & Analytics

Capture and Leverage Cross-Channel Behavioral Data

The key to building a seamless cross-channel shopping experience lies in your ability to identify customers on multiple devices across multiple channels. We unify data from all sources to make this possible, giving you a global view of each customer. You’ll gain actionable customer insights you can use to create deeply segmented messages, predict sales cycle, analyze lifecycle migration and create true 1:1 personalized communications.

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Retail-Specific Reports

Listrak's platform gives you real-time, customizable dashboard reporting, allowing you to tie revenue directly to campaigns, track conversions over time and optimize results through actionable analytics. Heat maps provide a quick view of what is working best, and can also drill down to monitor engagement levels, activity and customer-specific metrics, such as items viewed and purchased.

Retail-Specific Reports
Period-Over-Period Reporting

Period-Over-Period Reporting

Easily measure campaign performance by comparing results between two time periods in a single dashboard. The dashboard shows you the number of messages sent, messages opened, click and conversion rates, revenue, number of conversions, and many additional metrics for both time periods. You can even schedule the report to be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly so you always have the most current information at your fingertips.

Split Test Marketing Strategies

Optimize campaign performance with our A/B split testing functionality. You can easily test multiple variables and then automatically send the best-performing version, based on opens, clicks or revenue, to the remainder of the list. With Listrak, you can test both promotional and triggered messages. Testing opportunities go beyond subject lines, including timing, responsive design, personalization, recommendations and number of emails in a series.

Split Test Strategies
List Health and Growth Monitoring

Monitor List Health and Growth

Understanding your subscribers is paramount to your success, which is why we offer advanced reporting functionality to help you manage your list. You can track your list delta, determine the performance metrics surrounding subscription points and even measure what devices each subscriber is using to view your messages. These metrics will help you understand your customer base.