Content Personalization

Personalize the Shopper Journey with Recommendations and Segmentation

Create and manage contextually relevant content with ease to truly personalize every message, every page, every ad and every customer interaction with Recommender and Advanced Retail Segmentation. We make it easy for you to create and share targeted and personalized content – such as offers – and recommended products based on each customer’s online behavior and purchase history.

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Personalize Content and Products in Email

Every email you send – from your monthly newsletter to your daily promotional messages to your transactional messages and even your behaviorally-triggered messages – can be personalized using Listrak Recommender. The dynamic, real-time recommendations optimize emails by populating the instant the message is opened to ensure every communication is up-to-date.

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Leverage Purchase History and Browse Intent

Personalize every interaction based on each customer’s online behavior and purchase history. The ability to access and use customer data is the foundation of our platform and it leads to the most accurate recommendations available.

Automate Relevant, Recurring Communications

Enhance your deployment schedule with automated daily or weekly messages offering new markdowns, top sellers, most pinned or other alerts that are personalized for each shopper.

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Manage Personalization Across the Web

Nothing enhances a shopper’s experience more than personal recommendations, especially when the recommendations are based on their behavior. With Listrak, the recommendations go beyond email to your site and display ads. These channels become dynamic, engaging and actually aiding customers in finding their next favorite product.

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Curate Relevant Recommendations on your Site

Adding personal recommendations to your site aids in product discovery, increasing pageviews, time on site, items per order, average order value and revenue.

Serve Recommendations via Display Advertising

Retargeting shoppers increases the likelihood of conversion 70%. Recommender lets you build these retargeting campaigns, greatly increasing the ROI and efficiency of your display advertising.

Control Every Aspect of Your Recommendations

Our easy-to-use, revolutionary design tools allow you to control how your recommended products are visually displayed. You can bring your brand to life by customizing your imagery rather than relying on templates that provide little flexibility.

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Retail-Specific Reports

Easily Customize and Test Your Algorithms

Rather than simply relying on algorithms to determine what products are displayed, easily adjust the priorities of business rules and add new criteria to meet your specific goals and see what's being presented in real time.

Design Your Recommended Content & Products

Recommender gives you control over the look and placement of recommended products, ensuring that merchandise is presented consistently with your brand across multiple channels.

We were seeking a solution that would not only help customers discover new products but would give us control over what products were being recommended. With Listrak, we could quickly tweak the business rules and view what products would be displayed to each customer in advance. We were confident that we were promoting the right products to the right shoppers.

Chaim Posen, Jomashop

Retail-Specific Reports

Deeply Segment Your Audience for 1:1 Communications

Our Advanced Segmentation gives you the power to use in-store or online customer data – including browse behavior, purchase history and customer preferences. This 360 degree view of each customer allows you to segment your list and personalize messages like never before.

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Unified Data

We take your off-platform data, such as POS or order management, and merge it with customer behavioral and profile data, including UGC, ratings and reviews, as well as additional marketing data, such as store preference, product catalog and coupon codes.

Segment Using Browse Behavior

With Listrak, you can capture your shoppers' website browsing behavior, such as products and categories viewed, then segment your communications using these behaviors. The results are highly targeted communications and personalized shopper experiences.