Social Marketing

Optimize Search and Social Ad Delivery

Greatly expand your marketing reach through acquisition, engagement and remarketing tactics in your paid search and social networks. The Listrak automation platform allows you to connect your email and customer database directly to your ad platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google; streamlining creation time while ensuring all audiences are in sync and easily accessible.

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Listrak Exchange

Fix inconsistencies across multiple channels and streamline your list management process with Listrak Exchange. Near real-time, automatic connections allow you to create and update your audience in multiple ad platforms. Rest easy knowing that your social ad audiences will continuously be updated as your email and customer database changes in Listrak.

Listrak Connected Audiences

Facebook Lead Ads Automation

Acquire new email subscribers to quickly grow your list. Automate the flow of new Lead Ads subscribers from Facebook to Listrak, triggering a Welcome Series email conversation to ensure a timely and relevant shopper experience. This will save you valuable time and eliminate the manual updating process.

Target Relevant Audiences

Facebook Lead Ads - You can target new prospects based on lookalike audiences and/or retarget site visitors who didn’t opt-in during their browsing session.

Twitter Lead Gen Cards - Target new subscribers on Twitter, syncing with Listrak to trigger a Welcome Message automatically upon subscription.

Google Adwords – Manage your audience and budget appropriately. With Listrak’s solution, you can choose to show returning users an offer or you can suppress them from seeing your ad altogether.

Gmail Ads – Engage shoppers right in their Gmail inboxes by serving timely and relevant ads. You can use these ads to gain new prospects, excluding the consumers already on your list, in order to maximize your budget and ROI.

User Generated Content

Social Proof

Social recommendations are a powerful marketing asset, especially in the form of customer-generated product ratings and reviews. In fact, 90% of online shoppers claim that a positive review influences purchase decisions. Our solution integrates with leading review providers, including Bazaarvoice and Power Reviews, and allows you to easily include star ratings and customer reviews in email campaigns.

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Dynamic Insertion

Dynamically insert ratings and reviews with specified parameters in email campaigns to positively influence purchase decisions.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time monitoring allows you to track and report on the number of ratings and reviews and number of orders placed per review within Listrak.

Review Requests

Increase the number of product reviews by automating review requests as part of your post purchase campaigns.

Increase Engagement with User Generated Content

Your customers love to share images, reviews and thoughts on their shopping experiences with their social networks. Listrak’s Olapic and Curalate integrations allow you to use this User Generated Content in your marketing campaigns. This not only elevates your messages by making them more engaging, it deepens your relationships with your customers. We offer a level of engagement you can’t find elsewhere. You can easily add a valuable layer of authentic visual content to your campaigns, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

User Generated Content