Mobile Engagement

A User-Friendly, Consistent Brand Experience on Smartphones and Tablets

More than half of your customers read your emails on mobile devices. Are your campaigns optimized to engage on-the-go shoppers? If not, it's time for a new mobile strategy. Listrak's mobile marketing solutions enhance customer value by providing engaging messages that are equally effective on desktop, tablet and smartphone. This, in turn, boosts engagement, conversions and your bottom line.

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Mobile-Optimized Campaigns

You only have one chance to engage your shoppers, because emails that are opened on one device are rarely opened on another, and emails that don't render properly on smartphones or tablets are typically deleted or ignored. With Listrak, you can easily turn any email campaign into a mobile-friendly, responsive design that is optimized for performance on multiple screen sizes. Modal lightboxes or pop-overs may also be optimized for mobile devices.

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Mobile-Optimized Campaigns

Responsive Design

With Listrak Composer, you can quickly and easily build responsive emails with the click of a button, ensuring emails look great and render properly in every inbox on every device.

Dynamic Rendering

Messages render properly when opened, no matter what type of device the customer views the email on - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Campaign Management

Test campaigns by device and operating system to ensure optimal performance and track customer engagement metrics by device type and email client.

Mobile SMS

SMS Messaging

Customers who are engaged in SMS conversations with your brand are typically your most loyal customers. They not only trust you with their mobile numbers, but they want an even more personal, deeper level of interaction. Mobile engagement adds value in a number of ways - you can use it as an email acquisition tactic, to correspond with local customers about special events, and even to text a customer with information regarding a recent store visit.

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Strategic Acquisition

Our experts will help you build a strategy to acquire and manage mobile numbers with in-store signage, including text to win, polls and other engaging campaigns that can be used to grow your email list, as well.

Automated Nurturing

Develop promotional and nurturing mobile campaigns that are automatically deployed at the right time to increase engagement and monetize messages.

Real-Time Capabilities

Real-time inbound and outbound SMS capabilities include tracking at program and keyword level - delivery, queued, bounced, unsubscribes and click-through rates.