Retail Email Marketing

Deliver Personal Communications to Drive Incremental Revenue

Listrak's retail email marketing solutions are designed to engage customers and drive sales across channels through our single, integrated digital marketing platform. All solutions are designed to enable you to leverage insights and data collected from every touchpoint, allowing you to create automated, personal, one-to-one communications.

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Email Acquisition & Remarketing

Email remains the highest performing marketing channel for retailers, and it all starts with an accurate list. Our cross-channel solutions help you acquire shopper email addresses – both online and in-store – so you can engage subscribers and drive sales, lengthen customer lifecycles and reduce churn.

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Email Acquisition

Subscriber Engagement

Send personal messages to subscribers at the right point in the buying journey, driving conversions and strengthening customer relationships. Solutions include automated welcome series, nurturing campaigns, re-engagement, promotional messages and other behaviorally-triggered messages.

Remarketing Solutions

Our automated remarketing solutions, such as shopping cart recovery and browse remarketing, will re-engage shoppers with the right message at the right time to aid in purchase decisions and prompt sales. These campaigns have the highest response rates and will increase your conversion rate.

Lifecycle Marketing

Drive additional, on-going purchases with our lifecycle marketing solutions. These powerful, automated campaigns increase lifetime value and loyalty by easily tracking buying cycles to deploy multi-step messages designed to re-engage, nurture and win back customers.

Insights and Analytics

Listrak's platform gives you real-time, customizable dashboard reporting, allowing you to tie revenue directly to campaigns, track conversions over time and optimize results through actionable analytics. Our A/B split testing functionality allows you to test multiple variables and then automatically sends the best-performing version to the remainder of the list. Heat maps provide a quick view of what is working best, and can also drill down to monitor engagement levels, activity and customer-specific metrics as needed.

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Global View

Gain actionable insights into your cross-channel campaigns through our powerful and easy to use reporting tools.

Dashboard Reporting

Interactive reports are customizable so you see the data that matters most to your marketing goals. Schedule reports for automatic delivery.

Retail-Specific Reports

Because we're solely focused on the retail industry, we've created specific reporting based on retailers' needs, making it easier for you to define success.

Email Acquisition

Campaign Management

Create contextually-relevant, one-to-one communications, such as email and SMS, that are optimized for performance across multiple touchpoints. Design, personalize, test, schedule and deploy personalized, and timely campaigns. Listrak is sophisticated but accessible, and saves you time while increasing functionality.

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Drag-and-Drop Editor

Listrak Composer features a drag-and-drop interface that lets you add images, text and buttons without writing a single line of code. You can also easily create fully responsive layouts with a click of a button and link navigational components to give shoppers quick access to products.

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Single Login

Reduce the time it takes to create, manage and track cross-channel campaigns while ensuring the timing and message is consistent across the different channels. Email, mobile, social and display ads can all be created from our single integrated platform without logging into additional applications.

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Ease of Integration

You control the integration of your solutions, greatly reducing the time frame from months to weeks. Self-service or full-service models are available, ensuring you receive the right level of support.

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Customer Engagement

Create data-driven messaging that drives engagement and conversions across every channel and touchpoint. Our solutions are designed to allow you to use all of your data for real-time targeting and personalization. You can create highly targeted messages by segmenting on subscriber's profiling attributes – such as zip code and product preferences – but you can also do so much more. With Listrak, you can get even more personal using subscribers' behavioral data, including browse and purchase history, lifetime spend, order dates and frequency, total lifetime orders and more.

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Advanced Segmentation

Personalization is easy and achievable using Listrak's Advanced Retail Segmentation and Advanced Browsing Segmentation solutions.

List Management

Campaign success relies on clean data, and Listrak automates many of the laborious tasks, such as hygiene, segmentation, preferences and bounce management.


We offer the most advanced deliverability features – including unique IPs and reputation management – to ensure that every message reaches your customer's inbox intact on any device.