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Product Recommender


Omnichannel personalization engine for customer-centric campaigns

Recommendations Done Right

Listrak's Product Recommender is part of our single, integrated digital marketing platform, making it easy for you to create and share relevant content across all consumer touchpoints and marketing channels, including email, web, mobile and social.

With Recommender, you can meet each shopper's preferences with ease, flexibility and more control than ever before.

77% of online shoppers make additional purchases when presented with recommended products, and Recommender automates customer-centric campaigns to increase average order value and ROI.

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Browse & Abandon remarketing campaigns

Deploy automated email campaigns recommending browsed or related products based on "viewed this, viewed that" and "viewed this, purchased that" algorithms.

Product recommendations online and in email campaigns

Promote relevant products across multiple channels, making it easier for customers to purchase recommended items, increasing AOV and lifetime value.

Increased loyalty and retention with more targeted messaging

Enhance the email campaigns you're already sending with recommended products that are personalized the moment customers open them - not days or weeks before.

Doubled email revenue with personalized campaigns

Automate additional email campaigns with daily or weekly messages offering new markdowns, top sellers, most pinned and other alerts that are personalized to each shopper.

More control than ever before


Our easy-to-use, revolutionary design tool allows you to control how your recommended products are visually displayed, allowing you to customize your imagery rather than relying on templates that give you little flexibility to bring your brand to life.

Rather than simply relying on algorithms to determine what products are displayed, easily adjust the priorities of business rules and add new criteria to meet your specific goals and see what's being presented in real time. The right products are then served in the right channels in real time to your shoppers.

Recommendations powered by Listrak's merchandising cloud

Our exclusive data hub harnesses 360° customer insights from every touchpoint, allowing you to control the recommended products you promote.

Content control for relevant and targeted merchandise

Adjust business rules to your exact specifications based on price, brand, categories, related items and other customized criteria based on your marketing and sales goals.

Creative flexibility to ensure consistency

Recommender gives you control over the look and placement of recommended products, ensuring that merchandise is presented consistently with your brand across multiple channels.

Recommendations personalized in real time

Your campaigns can be personalized the moment your customers open them – rather than at deployment – to provide a seamless, personal experience while keeping content fresh and up-to-date.