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Listrak Exchange

Bridging your data to social and paid search platforms

Listrak Exchange allows you to connect your email and customer database directly to your ad platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter, streamlining creation time while ensuring all audiences are in sync and easily accessible.

  • Save time and resources with automation
  • Spend ad dollars more efficiently
Listrak Exchange Social Marketing Solution
Custom Social Lookalike Audience Targeting

Custom & Lookalike Audience Targeting

Automatically create and update your targeted audiences in multiple ad platforms including; Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter and more. Target lookalike audiences as well to increase brand awareness and drive acquisitions and conversions.

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Increase Engagement with User Generated Content

Your customers love to share images, reviews and thoughts on their shopping experiences with their social networks. Listrak’s Olapic and Curalate integrations allow you to use this User Generated Content in your marketing campaigns. This not only elevates your messages by making them more engaging, it deepens your relationships with your customers. We offer a level of engagement you can’t find elsewhere. You can easily add a valuable layer of authentic visual content to your campaigns, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

User Generated Content

Other Channels