Multichannel Marketing Solutions

Cross-channel campaigns individualized to each consumer

Create a complete picture of each consumer following signals on-site, online, in social networks and emails, and even from your
physical locations – all from one integrated platform.

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Consumer-Centric Campaigns

Every campaign starts with the individual consumer, and messages are personalized and delivered in the preferred channel automatically. Our integrated solutions eliminate data silos from multiple channels so you can collect and use data from every touchpoint. With Listrak, you can predict likely purchase behavior and use machine learning to adjust results in real-time based on individual behaviors.

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Our solutions combine deep segmentation and lifetime behavioral data with the advanced technology needed to reach customers where, when and how they shop.

Cross-Device Identification and Marketing

The ultimate personalization tactic. Cross-device identification lets you collect consumer browse and purchase data across multiple devices, and then use that data to personalize cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Cross-Device Identification