Making content and its distribution automated, scalable and relevant

Digital marketing is the key to media businesses growing and thriving. The distribution of your content to reader inboxes and their preferred social platforms increases your site traffic and engagement. Ensuring the content is relevant and personalized to each reader's interest increases brand engagement and loyalty and ultimately drives subscriptions and revenue.

Predictive Content increases customer engagement

Predictive Content

Content that speaks to your audience in a relevant and personal way adds differentiation and value to your brand experience beyond product offering. Predictive Content allows marketers to utilize content marketing investments to foster increased guest engagement.

Our crawler discovers new content from blogs, guides, articles, tutorials or any other content on your site as it becomes available. Content matches to behavior data and purchase history and is served to customers, adding a layer of brand engagement and ongoing automated, nurture communications.

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Create a complete picture of each consumer following signals on-site, online, in social networks and emails, and even from your physical locations – all from one integrated platform.