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Digital marketing makes content and its distribution automated, scalable and relevant

Digital marketing is the key to media businesses growing and thriving. The distribution of your content to reader inboxes and their preferred social platforms increases your site traffic and engagement. Ensuring the content is relevant and personalized to each reader's interest increases brand engagement and loyalty and ultimately drives subscriptions and revenue.

Deliver a 1:1 experience with Listrak’s Predictive Content Tool

We know content is king in your business, and that you have a lot of it - articles, blogs, videos, tutorials and many other engagement points. Therefore, as a leader in digital marketing automation and personalization, we've developed a solution that makes it easy for you to deliver the most impactful content, right to the inbox with minimal time and resources needed from your team. We collect reader data and use it to inform the recommended content. The result is increased retention rates, site traffic and subscriptions.

Discover how easy it is

Listrak can help you deliver predictive content marketing to your readers in their preferred channels and across devices. Our team of experts gives you the tools to succeed in email marketing, display advertising and social marketing strategies.

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