Marketing Automation and CRM Solutions

Whether a hotel brand, restaurant chain or travel portal, Listrak’s complete lifecycle of integrated guest-centric CRM solutions prove to build loyalty and drive revenue with measurable ROI. Businesses that deliver a consistent and positive customer experience – through segmentation and personalization strategies and tactics – quickly establish guest ambassadors who further promote the brand online and offline. Listrak empowers its hospitality clients with a best-in-class, forward-thinking Customer Experience Solutions.

Unified 360° Profile

Understand and speak to your customers as individuals through a single unified 360° profile. Listrak continuously collects data and signals from all sources, channels and devices including anonymous identifiers. This data is synthesized to create a complete, living unified 360° profile that is essential to powering your marketing decisions and orchestration.

Hopspitality and Travel Specific Solutions for Digital Marketing

Predictive Content increases guest engagement

Predictive Content

Content that speaks to your audience in a relevant and personal way adds differentiation and value to your brand experience beyond product offering. Predictive Content allows marketers to utilize content marketing investments to foster increased guest engagement.

Our crawler discovers new content from blogs, guides, articles, tutorials or any other content on your site as it becomes available. Content matches to behavior data and purchase history and is served to guests, adding a layer of brand engagement and ongoing automated, nurture communications.

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Exchange reaches your targeted guests in their favorite social networks and on their preferred mobile devices

Social and paid search ads expand your reach past the inbox, allowing you to target and message site visitors who haven’t subscribed to your email list or SMS campaigns.

Listrak Exchange connects your guest database directly to your ad platforms in Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter. With a real-time, cross-channel sync, marketers no longer must upload, download or manually manage files between social networks. All audiences are easily accessible and up-to-date while giving you the ability to target or suppress different audiences, boosting return on ad spend.

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Hopspitality and Travel Specific Solutions for Digital Marketing

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Create a complete picture of each guest following signals on-site, online, in social networks and emails, and even from your physical locations – all from one integrated platform.