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Customers have more choices than ever before – they can choose where, when and how they shop. That’s why you need the right solutions in place to acquire, engage, nurture, convert and cultivate customer loyalty. Listrak offers a variety of cross-channel retail solutions designed to engage shoppers at every stage of the sales journey.

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Hospitality and Travel

Consumers want authenticity, personalization, and on-demand functionality in their hospitality and travel experiences. Listrak’s integrated guest-centric CRM solutions build loyalty and drive measurable ROI for the hospitality and travel industries. Our Customer Experience Platform eliminates data silos so campaigns are personalized, relevant and dynamic across all channels and devices.

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Arts & Entertainment

Venues have a number of challenges when it comes to selling tickets and engaging patrons – especially when tracking results and proving ROI. Listrak designed a number of digital marketing solutions to automate these tasks so you can fill your venues quickly while driving loyalty. Our A&E clients average a 30x ROI.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Listrak’s digital marketing solutions for CPG help manufacturers get to know their customers, strengthening relationships beyond the direct-to-consumer store shelf. Drive acquisition, conversion and retention while organically establishing your expertise – our solutions can automate these tasks and more.

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Media and Publishing

Media and Publishing companies rely on their content to establish their brand. In today’s digital landscape, they rely on digital marketing to deliver their content to new and loyal readers. Listrak’s cross-channel solutions and platform automation, acquires and engages readers with segmentation and predictive content, driving audience growth, website traffic and ad revenue.

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Listrak Named a Niche Player in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management

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