Digital Marketing Automation

Predictive intelligence that powers
cross-channel campaigns

Listen and respond to consumers through automated, personalized messages in multiple channels – email, mobile, social,
display, web – even your physical locations. Our single login eliminates data silos, helping you understand each
consumer's behavior and predict when and what their next action will be.

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Audience Signals

Intuitively understand what your audience is thinking by following their actions. Start every campaign by listening and responding to individual consumer signals of intent. Then personalize your messages and deliver them in the channels that have the most relevance and immediate impact.

Listrak Audience Signals
Listrak Digital Marketing Automation Platform


Coordinate content and product personalization, orchestrate cross-channel marketing efforts, and collect consumer insights in one integrated platform. Gain valuable insights and analytics that increase campaign performance – including time period comparison reporting, product and revenue performance tracking, campaign metrics and visibility into consumers intent, motivation and buying behaviors.

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Engage your audience across multiple channels and never miss another opportunity. Our data-driven approach means you'll put consumers at the center of every message, collecting data at every touchpoint and using it to create highly personalized messages. By eliminating data silos, you can accurately understand what your consumers are doing and actively respond in a timely manner.

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Many of the world's leading brands use Listrak to build relationships with their audiences, improve satisfaction and grow revenue. We've created digital marketing solutions for the specific challenges and goals of the following industries: