As many of you know, yesterday Twitter released the Lead Generation Card, a new type of card which allows marketers to collect leads directly within a tweet.
This could be a game changer because users do not need to fill out any lengthy forms.  Their information (Name, email, and username) is already pulled into the card. They literally just have to hit “Submit” on the Card’s call-to-action.  Currently, this is only available as a feature in Promoted Tweets — a paid feature of Twitter Ads.
As email marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to boost our acquisition.  The launch of this new Twitter feature is exceptionally timely as Listrak recently published a whitepaper focused solely on the importance of acquisition.
This is a great tool to get more bang for your buck from your social media spend.  With Twitter Ads, you pay for the Cost Per Engagement on retweets, replies to, clicks, or favorites your Promoted Tweet — and clicks count both on the URL in the tweet and anywhere in the tweet itself, so this is something you definitely want to test.
It’s important to treat this acquisition source as you would any others (website signup, modal/lightbox signup, etc.) and send new subscribers a welcome email/series. 
There are many reasons that a welcome series is highly recommended. To begin, it validates the email address, which protects your sender reputation. It also reminds subscribers about their opt-in and confirms what they may expect as a result of signing up. In addition, welcome emails may be used to request more profile information while reinforcing your brand. And finally, a welcome series immediately engages new subscribers and keeps them engaged beginning at the moment they have shown interest in your brand.
Will you be testing the new Twitter Lead Generation cards?  Would love to know your thoughts!
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