One of the biggest challenges retailers face is how to turn subscribers into customers. On average, only 30-40% of the customers on a retailer’s email list have purchased. And, the majority of those purchases come within the first few weeks when subscribers are new.

Retailers need to carefully cultivate a good relationship during this critical time and triggered messages that are personalized to each shopper is a good way to do it. But, we see a lot of retailers struggle with how to set up triggered messages so the different campaigns work together – not against each other. This is really tricky to do as some of these messages – like a welcome series, cart abandonment, order confirmation, and so on – have been in place for so long. But as more campaigns are added, it is important to step back and do an audit so you understand what messages shoppers are receiving.

Karen DiClemente, our Director of Strategy Services, recently shared some vital information on how retailers can map their triggered messages so they know what emails customers are receiving at specific times. You can watch the short presentation here.

You’ll learn:

  • What types of messages you can send at different touchpoints as subscribers browse your site
  • Why a series of messages trumps a single message for welcome and abandonment campaigns
  • How to successfully rank triggered conversation workflows so shoppers receive the most important and relevant messages only instead of receiving several messages the same day 
  • When to suppress marketing messages or other campaigns when shoppers are in triggered conversations
  • How to keep shoppers engaged and buying after the first sale

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