Magento Connect Extension

Listrak's Magento extension offers a single, integrated digital marketing platform providing omnichannel solutions for retailers, featuring acquisition, recommendations, back-in-stock alerts, shopping cart recovery, advanced retail segmentation and post purchase solutions. Listrak's modules expose data for use with Listrak while reducing IT involvement through a seamless integration, saving your team valuable development and integration time.

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Magento Connect Extension Features

List Subscription and Synchronization

Utilizing Magento's existing subscriber management system, Listrak will synchronize email addresses to your Listrak account list. As users subscribe to your promotional mailing list, they will be automatically subscribed to your preferred list inside of Listrak. As customers unsubscribe from your Magento list, they will be removed from Listrak. This functionality ties in directly with the email signup widget available with all base Magento installations.

Multipass Messaging

In order to increase engagement and conversions, Magento merchants may set up a series of messages per campaign for deployment through Listrak. We've found that customers are still purchasing in the third – and even the fifth – shopping cart abandonment remarketing message. Adding additional messages greatly enhances revenues. We also offer an automated multi-pass feature that resends the same message to non-openers within a specified time frame.

Order History Analysis

With order history automatically collected from your Magento store, Listrak gives you a better understanding of your customers. We can analyze order history to provide marketable data points such as subscribers, RFM score (recency, frequency, monetary value) and purchase cadence for consumable products. These insights enable you to more effectively target your campaigns and provide relevant messaging.

Catalog Synchronization

By synchronizing data between your Magento store and Listrak, you can use information like product categories and inventory level to do targeted campaigns. Synchronization also gives you the ability to incorporate dynamic content and merchandising in any email campaign using the product data obtained from your Magento store.

Triggered Messaging

Listrak's powerful email platform enables you to create event triggered messages based on customer behavior and site interaction, including welcome messages, order confirmations, cart abandonment, post purchase, and more. Emails may be further segmented by profiling attributes to increase the relevancy of the message.

Advanced Segmentation

Every email sent through Listrak has the ability to be highly targeted based on subscribers' behaviors – including browse and purchase history – and profiling attributes – such as zip code, product preference, etc. And, using Listrak's Advanced Retail Segmentation, users may further segment lists based on data such as lifetime spend, first and last order dates, reorder frequency, total lifetime orders and more.

Dynamic Merchandising

Emails may be highly personalized and customized to exact specifications using Listrak's dynamic content engine. That way, customers receive emails with images and content that is related to them individually, such as purchased products and recommended items.

Click and Conversion Tracking

To quantify the ROI of our solutions, our Magento integration includes the ability to identify visitors who arrive at your site from an email campaign. You can then access Listrak's conversion tracking dashboard to view charts that track the success of all your email campaigns, view your campaign reports and compare email campaigns and split test versions to clearly identify which campaigns generate the most revenue.

Multi-Path Offer Testing

We highly recommend split testing messages for timing, offers, design and other aspects. Our solution allows Magento merchants to easily test different offers and variables, automatically sending the winning version to the remainder of the list based on open, read or click-through rate, click to open rate, conversion rate or revenue per email sent.