Listrak Releases Whitepaper on Personalized Post-Holiday Email Campaigns

New Listrak whitepaper and webinar show retailers how to use product recommendations to engage holiday shoppers and keep them buying in the New Year

Listrak, an innovator of omnichannel digital marketing solutions for retailers, recently released a new whitepaper, Personalization is Key to Post-Holiday Campaigns, offering email strategies online retailers can begin using in the new year to continue to keep holiday shoppers engaged and buying.

The National Retail Federation recently cited an early report from Los Angeles Times claiming that overall retail holiday sales gained 3.5% versus 2013 – a modest gain, but in line with expectations. Online sales, however, enjoyed an explosive 16.5% increase over last year on Christmas Day alone and visits from mobile devices contributed to nearly half of all online traffic. According to Listrak’s whitepaper, retailers need to have a plan in place to keep the surge of online holiday shoppers engaged after the first sale and into 2014 and that personal communications is the key to turning new buyers into loyal customers.

More specifically, the whitepaper advises adding personalized recommended products to post-holiday email campaigns, supported by the eTailing Group statistic that more than three quarters of online shoppers make additional purchases when presented with recommended products that match their individual preferences. Personalization is Key to Post-Holiday Campaigns offers a look at five email campaigns online retailers can send to new customers to generate repeat business, increase loyalty and average order value, as well as email ROI.

Listrak CEO Ross Kramer explains, “Some of the campaigns highlighted in the whitepaper that we advise enhancing with personalized product recommendations may likely already be part of retailers’ regular email deployment schedules. What is very exciting that the whitepaper explores is how with a few simple tweaks retailers can turn regular, automated email blasts into personalized, dynamically-created messages that save them time and provide great results.”

Creative campaigns featured in the whitepaper that can be optimized with personalized recommendations include Social Saturday, Monday Markdowns, Top Sellers Tuesday, What’s New Wednesday and Customer Favorites Friday.

The whitepaper Personalization is Key to Post-Holiday Campaigns may be downloaded on the Listrak website. Ross Kramer will expand on the topic when he presents the free webinarProduct Recommendations Done Right on February 26, 2014 at 1 p.m. ET. In the webinar, Kramer will share how retailers can use product recommendations on site and carry them through to email campaigns to provide a personal, consistent experience for shoppers and to increase average order value and drive additional revenue.

About Listrak

Listrak is an omnichannel digital marketing solutions provider that works with retailers to drive revenue growth, profitability and increase the lifetime value of customers. Founded in 1999, the company’s solution suite boasts analytics technology that enhances campaign performance, shopping cart abandonment solutions that help recoup lost revenue, post purchase solutions to increase lifetime value, seamless integration across multiple platforms, as well as email, mobile, social and more. Listrak has more than a decade of digital marketing experience and works with leading U.S. online retailers, including Deb Shops, Waterford, Swell, Speigel, The Grommet and La-Z-boy. For more information, visit

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