Listrak Launches 5.3 Platform, Introduces Revenue-generating MultiPass Feature

New MultiPass Feature Maximizes Potential of Listrak's SecondPass Strategy

Listrak, a leading omnichannel digital marketing solutions provider, recently launched an update to its email marketing platform. In addition to enhancements to analytics reporting, the new release introduces MultiPass, a revolutionary, revenue generating update to replace Listrak’s SecondPass feature.

Since Listrak introduced innovative SecondPass, a feature that allows an email to be automatically re-sent to subscribers who did not open it, Listrak’s retail clients have been experiencing up to an 80% increase in conversions. In response to clients’ requests to maximize the revenue-generating potential of the SecondPass strategy, and after testing to confirm the effectiveness of additional re-sends, Listrak developed MultiPass, which allows the same message to be automatically deployed to non-openers multiple times.

Listrak CEO Ross Kramer explains, “The concept is simple and the results are amazing. Rather than creating a new email, why not just re-send the same message to those who did not open it, saving valuable time and money? To maximize subscriber engagement, MultiPass allows the sender to automatically re-send to non-openers multiple times and to modify re-send dates and times, subject lines and content when setting up the original email.

“Now, with MultiPass, clients can more than double their campaigns’ revenue potential simply, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the original email.”

About Listrak

Listrak is an omnichannel digital marketing solutions provider that works with retailers to drive revenue growth, profitability and increase the lifetime value of customers. Founded in 1999, the company’s solution suite boasts analytics technology that enhances campaign performance, shopping cart abandonment solutions that help recoup lost revenue, post purchase solutions to increase lifetime value, seamless integration across multiple platforms, as well as email, mobile, social and more. Listrak has more than a decade of digital marketing experience and works with leading U.S. online retailers, including Deb Shops, Waterford, Spiegel, The Grommet and La-Z-Boy.

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