Listrak Expands Services in Digital Marketing for Retailers

Solution for Personalized Recommendations Online and in Email Integrated into Listrak Platform

March, 2014 - Listrak, a provider of customer-centric omnichannel marketing solutions for retailers, recently announced the introduction of a personalization engine that will integrate with the Listrak platform and expand the company’s position in the digital marketing landscape beyond email.

On March 31, 2014, Listrak will launch Recommender, an innovative solution that will work in tandem with Listrak’s email platform to form a single, integrated digital marketing platform that allows retailers to easily create and share personalized content across all consumer touchpoints and marketing channels, including email, web, mobile and social. The introduction catapults Listrak into a new position in the marketplace, which is reflected in a redesigned website that was recently launched.

Listrak CEO Ross Kramer explains, “The introduction of our recommendations engine, which allows retailers to meet individual shopper’s preferences with personalized product recommendations both online and in email campaigns, is a game changer for Listrak. Listrak’s Recommender is powered by our exclusive data hub of 360-degree shopper insights from every channel, which allows retailers to promote relevant, personalized products across multiple channels.  Now with Listrak, retailers can create personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints – email, mobile, social, web and store – from a single platform.”

Listrak’s Recommender was specifically designed to offer retailers total control over the products that are promoted and how they are presented to the consumer. The revolutionary recommendations engine allows retailers to adjust business rules to their exact specifications based on brand, categories, related items and other customized criteria rather than simply relying on generic algorithms to determine what products are displayed.

In addition, Listrak’s Recommender features a user-friendly design tool that allows retailers to easily control how recommended products are visually displayed and placed across channels to maintain brand integrity, and also allows them to see what’s being presented in real time. The recommendations engine personalizes email campaigns the moment the email is opened – rather than at deployment – to provide a seamless personal experience with the most relevant, up-to-date content.

To explore the redesigned Listrak website, visit  To learn more about Listrak’s Recommender, visit .

About Listrak

Listrak offers a single, integrated digital marketing platform providing omnichannel solutions for retailers. The company’s retail-specific solution suite is powered by a comprehensive data hub of 360-degree shopper insights that allow retailers to create personalized campaigns across all customer touchpoints to drive incremental revenue and ROI. Listrak is solely focused on the retail industry and is uniquely qualified to help retailers optimize digital marketing campaigns by engaging customers with timely, relevant, personalized, shoppable messages across all channels, including email, mobile, social, web and stores. Listrak has more than a decade of digital marketing experience and works with leading U.S. retailers, including Deb Shops, Waterford, Spiegel, The Grommet and La-Z-Boy. 

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