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Best Practices for Browse Abandonment

If you're looking for incremental revenue streams that will help you reach your holiday goals, it's time to consider adding browse abandonment to your email marketing mix. Strategic browse abandonment emails re-engage site shoppers through personalized messages.

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Our Top Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday retail landscape has changed drastically. Shoppers expect a seamless experience as they move from your store to their mobile devices to your eCommerce site and back to your store. The holiday time frame has also shifted as many shoppers start to buy gifts before Halloween. 

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2016 Holiday Strategies, Trends and Best Practices

Holiday revenue can account for 20-40% of a retailer’s annual sales. That’s why it is so important for online and omni-channel retailers to work year-round to prepare for the holiday season. Join us as we dissect last year’s numbers and share monthly strategy ideas that are designed to keep you on track while ensuring you don’t miss any of this year’s hottest trends and best practices. 

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Complementary Channels: Amplify Your Reach with Email and Social

eCommerce merchants today are making widespread use of both email and social media in their marketing programs - and budgets are increasing for both. However, if you're running these as separate initiatives, you're missing out on the marketing benefit of integrating your channels for maximum success. To get the most benefit, email and social must be integrated..

2016 Retail Email Benchmarks and How to Beat Them

You have the data, technology and ability to create some really amazing campaigns that are deeply segmented and highly relevant. But are you optimizing your strategies to ensure you get the most out of each message? 

Customer Cultivation: Personalize Content to Nurture Customers through the Sales Cycle and Beyond

You have a responsibility to engage customers at every touchpoint. Every interaction must be personal and useful. Join us as Ryan Ogurcak and Haleigh Larsen discuss how you can use your data to create these personalized, cross-channel campaigns that truly resonate with shoppers, nurturing them through the sales cycle. With the right tools, you can automate each interaction, ensuring it reaches customers at the right point in the right channel to enhance their experiences and generate the first - and second - sales.

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