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Expand Your Remarketing Reach with Programmatic Ads

Join us as Ian Zehler and Maura McKendry explain how programmatic ads work, how you can automate the process and best practices for re-engaging your audience. They’ll share real examples and strategies from brands that are getting it right.

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Predictive Content: The Key to Automating Engagement

Did you know… about 28% of marketing budgets are now earmarked for content creation? Today, it’s imperative to have the right tools in place to get your message in front of your audience. While digital marketing allows your messages to be targeted and automated, the real opportunity lies in the ability to PERSONALIZE those messages and reach consumers across multiple channels in virtually real-time. The payoff is huge, but marketers still struggle to make sense of and use the vast amount of consumer data now available to them.

2017 Holiday Prep: 5 Cross-Channel Strategies to Acquire, Engage and Convert

Retailers are facing the biggest holiday goals to date. With the right acquisition and engagement tactics, you’ll be sure to hit your conversion KPIs. Join Listrak and ROI Revolution as we reflect on last year’s holiday trends and share strategy ideas that create the ideal cross-channel experience from acquisition to conversion.

How to Improve Email Engagement with Customer Photos

Enhance your email marketing engagement with user-generated content. Learn proven tactics for increasing click-through and revenue generated from broadcast and triggered emails with authentic, customer-created, content.

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