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Everything You Need to Know about Privacy and Deliverability

As the saying goes, "A happy customer tells three friends. An unhappy one tells Google." Privacy and deliverability are key factors to keeping your customers happy, engaged and shopping on your site.

Join Listrak's Chief Privacy Officer, James Koons, as he shares tactics on all of the issues that may affect your omnichannel campaigns. As you prepare for the holidays, you must follow these rules to ensure your messages reach the inbox intact.

Holiday Preparation: Monthly Milestones to Prepare Your Company

Listrak and Corra are teaming up to bring you a comprehensive planning guide to get you through this holiday season.  We’ll share insights from last year’s holiday data as well as a calendar look at what you should begin doing now that it’s July.  We’ll include tips and tricks as well as ideas to give you a jump start on this year’s holiday planning. 

Don't Click Here to Subscribe: Email Acquisition Tactics that Actually Work

Your email list is the center of your universe - your job revolves around the ability to reach your shoppers. It's an understatement to say that list growth is a priority. It is critical that you build your lists with the right subscribers, because every subscriber matters.

Join Listrak to learn five great ways to attract and acquire the subscribers you want, including modal lightbox or popovers, sweepstakes, social campaigns, point of purchase and mobile strategies. As you prepare for the holidays, email acquisition is imperative.

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