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2015 Retail Marketing Year in Review

Join Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, as he takes a look back at the new digital marketing trends and lessons learned in 2015. 

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Holiday Insights from the Design Experts

On a good day you have a few seconds to attract and engage your shoppers. During the busy holiday season, however, that time is drastically reduced as you face overcrowded inboxes and distracted or multi-tasking customers who have too much to do and too little time. 

It’s not enough to just stand out, you have to make it quick and easy for your customers to purchase. Do your holiday messages do that? 

Using Personalized Product Recommendations at Every Touchpoint this Holiday Season

77% of customers make additional purchases when presented with product recommendations that match their needs. These recommendations aren’t limited to your website or email campaigns, but could - and should - be used in display ads as well so you engage shoppers as often as possible. 

Holiday Mission Acquisition: Taking Your Acquisition Strategy to the Next Level

Are you doing everything you can to acquire new subscribers and customers? With list churn averaging 30% and customers shopping in multiple channels, you could be missing out on opportunities to engage and interact with your shoppers. 

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