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Email Personalization Beyond Subject Lines and Segmentation

There has been a monumental shift in the way retail marketers interact with their customers. Email personalization used to mean inserting the recipient's name into the subject line or simply segmenting the list and building several different versions of each message. Not anymore. Customers expect messages that are tailored to their interests and behaviors and marketers can finally meet those expectations using automated content personalization and collaborative filtering. 

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Are Your Online Recommendations a Wreck?

86% of the top 1000 retailers use product recommendations on-site as they lead to additional sales and higher AOV. But, sadly, many times they aren't customized to the shopper's point in the purchase journey. There is a fine art to presenting the right products in the right places – and the more personalized they are, the better. In this session, you'll learn what algorithms work best and where to generate more revenue.

Campaign Optimization: A/B Split Testing to Drive Even Greater Results

A/B split testing is a tactic that will effectuate greater campaign results as long as you’re measuring what matters most. Are you testing the right campaign aspects and monitoring the right metrics?

2014 Retail Email Year in Review

2014 saw several major shifts in the way retailers communicate with their customers, and with it came several new strategies and tactics. Retailers are finally able to truly personalize the experience each shopper has with its brand using the power of predictive analytics to create contextually relevant messages.

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