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Thank You, Come Again: LifeCycle Marketing Like You Mean It

On average, only 15% of your online customers purchase more than once. Stop looking for new shoppers and start re-engaging your current customers to promote loyalty and increase lifetime value.

Join Listrak for an in-depth look at successful engagement campaigns you can use after the first sale to keep your customers coming back again and again. LifeCycle Marketing is easier than you think and an essential strategy that will greatly enhance relationships and the customer journey.

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Don't Click Here to Subscribe: Email Acquisition Tactics that Actually Work

Your email list is the center of your universe - your job revolves around the ability to reach your shoppers. It's an understatment to say that list growth is a priority. It is critical that you build your lists with the right subscribers, because every subscriber matters.

Join Listrak to learn five great ways to attract and acquire the subscribers you want, including modal lightbox or popovers, sweepstakes, social campaigns, point of purchase and mobile strategies. As you prepare for the holidays, email acquisition is imperative.

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Everything You Need to Know about Privacy and Deliverability

As the saying goes, "A happy customer tells three friends. An unhappy one tells Google." Privacy and deliverability are key factors to keeping your customers happy, engaged and shopping on your site.

Join Listrak's Chief Deliverability Office, James Koons, as he shares tactics on all of the issues that may affect your omnichannel campaigns. As you prepare for the holidays, you must follow these rules to ensure your messages reach the inbox intact.

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Recent Webinars

Always On: Connecting with Mobile Shoppers

Your customers are always connected through their mobile devices, and more than half of all emails are being opened on smartphones. Studies show that if your emails are opened on a mobile device and aren't optimized to render and perform well, however, the majority of your customers will delete them.

In this session, Listrak design expert Aaron Pearson discusses trends and best practices for responsive email design so you can be sure your emails work on every device. You'll see real campaigns from retailers that have tested and mastered this tactic.

The one that (almost) got away: Remarketing trends to recoup revenue

It's easy to engage customers who buy from you, but what about the ones who shop on your site but don't convert? Are you re-engaging shoppers who spend time on your site researching products? What about the ones who begin but don't complete an online purchase?

Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, offers valuable insights into how you can use clickstream data to reach back with personalized messages that truly resonate with and engage shoppers.

Product Recommendations Done Right

One of the hottest trends right now is to use product recommendations on site and to carry the content through to email campaigns. When done correctly, product recommendations will increase AOV and drive additional revenue. Watch as Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, discusses how you can easily implement product recommendations into your campaigns and use them to make each campaign and interaction more personal and impactful.