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Join Us for Our Retail Email Marketing Roadshow

October 14, 2014 | Andaz 5th Avenue

Our extremely popular Retail Email Marketing Roadshow continues in New York. This one-day event provides retailers the information needed to create personalized experiences across the entire customer journey using 360° customer insights and predictive analytics. The tactics you learn in this workshop will give you the tools you need to expand your customer base, increase engagement and, ultimately, add incremental revenue directly to your bottom line.


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Listrak is proud to be partnering with Corra, UPS and Magento on this event.

Learn new email marketing tactics and strategics

Listrak co-founder and CEO, Ross Kramer, begins Listrak's recent retail email marketing workshop in Philadelphia.

Get inspired while networking with industry experts and top retail marketers! In one exciting day, you'll learn insights, tips and best practices that will take your campaigns to new heights. You'll walk away with tactics and strategies that you can easily implement for immediate results, including:

  • Acquisition tactics that will double your list size
  • Secrets for making money in your social and mobile channels
  • Marketing trends you can take to the bank
  • Tips from the trenches – real campaigns that are game-changers for our retail clients
  • How to get more action and turn shoppers into buyers
  • Performance enhancing triggered campaigns

"We were very impressed with the Listrak workshop and are glad we went. We felt it was time and money well spent. We got some valuable ideas and learned a lot. We're excited to implement some new strategies."

Mike Nelson, Online Marketing Manager, SkinCareRx

Who should attend?

This one day workshop is open to retailers who want to learn new strategies for engaging customers across multiple channels. The lines between online and in-store shopping are blurring and your marketing channels and customer data are no longer in silos. This is an exciting time for you because the opportunities to reach shoppers are limitless; however, if communication at all touchpoints isn't consistent and customer-centric, you could do more harm than good. Join us to learn actionable marketing tactics that you can implement immediately to drive sales and incremental ROI.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014




Welcome / UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper
The morning starts off right as UPS shares the results of its recent comScore Study - an insider's guide to what consumers are looking for and what drives shoppers to choose one retailer over another.


Increasing Awareness and Acquisition the Omnichannel Way
Email. Social. Mobile. Stores. You have more ways to engage shoppers than ever before, which leads to more opportunities for them to buy from you. Acquisition today looks much different than it did even a year ago. Are you keeping up with the latest tactics and trends to ensure you are reaching customers with a personalized and consistent message across all channels? In this session, email experts will share five great ways to attract and acquire the shoppers you want, including web initiatives, sweepstakes, social campaigns, point of purchase and mobile strategies. Remember, every subscriber matters so you need to get it right.


The One that (Almost) Got Away: Remarketing Trends to Recoup Revenue
It's easy to engage customers who buy from you, but what about the ones who shop on your site but don't convert? Are you re-engaging shoppers who spend time on your site researching products? What about the ones who begin but don't complete an online purchase? This session offers valuable insights into how retailers are finding success using clickstream data to reach back with personalized messages that truly resonate with and engage shoppers.


Getting Personal: Use your Data to Deliver Relevant Content
Triggered campaigns are a great way to add incremental revenue to your email channel, but for most retailers, daily messages are still driving the most sales. Share this important hour with email experts who will show you how to collect the right data and actually use it to make every message more personal. Topics include recommended products, segmentation, campaign frequency, opt-down programs, preference centers, third party data, responsive design and much more. You'll see real examples retailers are sending that work and you'll walk away with ideas and tactics that you can easily implement to improve the ROI of each and every email you send.


Lunch / Demo of Listrak Product Recommender


The (U)X Factor: Looking Beyond the Email in Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy typically focuses on the best ways to attract and engage potential customers – from catchy subject lines to appropriate timing to personalized content. But there's one often overlooked factor that is equally important to maximizing conversion and ROI. Joined by luxury retailer, Jomashop, Corra will discuss the key strategies for optimizing your email marketing efforts in a multi-channel environment.

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Post Purchase Power Hour: Building Trust and Loyalty
You don't want your customers to forget about you, but are you forgetting about them? You are if you're not sending post purchase campaigns that are designed to increase loyalty and lifetime value. In this session, we will show you successful engagement campaigns you can use after the first sale to keep your customers coming back again and again. On average, only 15-20% of customers make a second purchase, but LifeCycle Marketing is easier than you think and is an essential strategy that will greatly enhance relationships and the customer journey.


Privacy and Deliverability: Everything You Need to Know
As the saying goes, "A happy customer tells three friends. An unhappy one tells Google." We'll spend the day sharing tactics to make your omnichannel marketing messages more personal, relevant, timely and useful for your customers; and in this last hour, James Koons, Listrak's Chief Privacy Officer, will discuss privacy and deliverability issues that affect your campaigns.


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