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Enable truly personal,
one-to-one marketing campaigns online

Seamless experience across channels

True customer engagement and loyalty come from presenting a consistent brand message and shopping experience across multiple channels.

Listrak's merchandising cloud gathers shopper data online in real-time, including preferences and purchase history, that you can use to inform future campaigns, increasing the effectiveness of your cross-channel marketing.

With Listrak's single, integrated digital marketing platform, you can create truly personal, one-to-one marketing campaigns at every customer touchpoint that have an immediate impact on engagement, revenue and ROI.

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Product Recommendations

Listrak's Recommender lets you promote relevant products across multiple channels, making it easier for customers to purchase recommended items, increasing AOV and customer lifetime value.

With Recommender, you can customize shoppers' experiences online by offering additional merchandise related to their preferences and past purchases. The same items can also be offered in email campaigns, ensuring a consistent experience.

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Recommendations powered by Listrak's merchandising cloud

Our exclusive data hub harnesses 360° customer insights from every touchpoint, allowing you to control the recommended products you promote.

Content control for relevant and targeted merchandise

Adjust business rules to your exact specifications based on price, brand, categories, related items and other customized criteria based on your marketing and sales goals.

Creative flexibility to ensure consistency

Recommender gives you control over the look and placement of recommended products, ensuring that merchandise is presented consistently with your brand across multiple channels.

Customer Intelligence

The more you know about your customers, the more relevant your campaigns can be. With Listrak, you can collect data at every touchpoint and use it to reach back with timely and personal omnichannel campaigns.

Capture clickstream data and other onsite activity in real time and leverage transaction history across all channels to build detailed customer profiles. Use 360° customer insights to create true one-to-one communications, knowing exactly what your customers need at any point. Whether they're comparing prices, researching products or ready to buy, you have the data to inform automated remarketing campaigns to boost engagement and revenue.

Browse and Abandon

Automatically engage customers with relevant messaging based on the product pages they viewed on your site.

Shopping Cart Recovery

Reach back to customers who abandoned their carts with automated campaigns designed to recover lost revenue.


Reach customers with relevant and personal campaigns at the point in the shopping journey when they're most likely to complete a purchase.

Preference Centers

Listrak offers integrated, customized preference centers and ongoing strategies to empower your customers to update as needed. Preference data can be used to target and segment your shoppers, ensuring that campaigns are delivered in the right channels with messages that are highly personal and relevant.

Seamless Integration

All customer data is stored in our exclusive merchandising cloud for use in omnichannel campaigns.

One-to-One Campaigns

Use customer preference center data to create personal, one-to-one campaigns across multiple channels.

Reduced Churn

Customers can opt in and opt out of specific communications instead of unsubscribing from all campaigns.

Lightbox Acquisition

Acquire the right subscribers with Listrak's modal lightbox or popover acquisition solution. Lightboxes are customized to reflect your brand and work with your site. You can control timing, placement and cadence so the lightbox appears when and where you want it. You can also make sure it doesn't appear to customers who have already subscribed, and even set a wait period so it only appears to non-subscribers at pre-determined intervals.

Grow Lists Quickly

Lightbox acquisition will quickly add the right subscribers to your lists, allowing you to reach back with timely marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Control Usage

Set rules to control when and where the lightbox appears, the delay time before the form is triggered and the cadence at which non-subscribers are asked to subscribe.

Increase Engagement

Upon subscription, a welcome series can be automatically deployed when customers are most engaged and likely to respond. You can even include custom offers.