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In-Store Integration

True Omnichannel Marketing for the Most Personal Shopping Experience

Build lasting customer relationships

Your customers don't just shop in one channel, and now your data doesn't have to exist in one, either.

Listrak's single, integrated digital marketing platform is powered by our exclusive merchandising cloud. This allows you to collect customer data and insights at every touchpoint. You can use the data in your omnichannel campaigns to create the most personal and consistent shopping experiences, increasing engagement, revenue and loyalty.

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In-Store Acquisition

Listrak works with retailers to find out the best way to acquire customers' email addresses in-store so it is beneficial for both the retailers and their shoppers, and we help implement the strategies to ensure success. This strengthens the relationships and increases loyalty and lifetime value.

Our email platform includes a number of fail-safe features that ensure email addresses are added accurately to reduce errors, protecting your deliverability and reputation with ISPs.

email receipts

Email Receipts

Many customers prefer to have retail receipts emailed to them rather than receiving a paper copy, as a convenient way to keep track of expenses without the worry of them getting thrown away or lost. Listrak can integrate with your POS system, enabling you to collect customer email address and deliver receipts through our platform instantly and automatically.

data integration

Data Integration

Your in-store purchase data can be integrated into Listrak's merchandising cloud, allowing you to use the information in marketing messages across multiple channels. Adding this data to the customer data captured online and in your email campaigns provides a 360° view of your customers' preferences, habits and needs, allowing you to create the most personal and timely campaigns to drive engagement, revenue and loyalty.