Product Recommender

Product Recommendation System

Personalized Product Recommendations

77% of online shoppers make additional purchases when presented with personalized product recommendations that match their tastes and needs. Listrak's Product Recommender does just that. Our data-driven approach uses our powerful machine-learning engine to serve up the most contextually-relevant recommendations for each customer based on behavior, intent and past purchases.

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Why Use Product Recommendations?

  • Increased average order value
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher product discovery and customer loyalty
  • Reduced product merchandising time
  • Decreased IT and Design expenses
420% Increase in Clicks
19.1% Increase in Revenue

Control Every Aspect of Your Recommendations

Listrak's Product Recommender relies on highly customizable algorithms to determine what products to display. You can easily adjust business rules to your exact specifications based on price, brand, inventory, categories or other criteria. And you have full control over the look and placement of recommendations, ensuring merchandise is presented consistently across your brand.

Leverage Your Browse Data

Leverage On-Site
Browse Behavior

Your visitors' browse behavior is the best indication of their purchase intent and Listrak's Product Recommender lets you use that data to inform campaigns in real-time. Combining on-site behavior data with purchase history, in-store sales data and additional customer behavior data gives you a single view of each customer, creating the most personalized campaigns possible.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Automate Personalized Email Recommendations

You can easily set up daily campaigns that are deployed automatically to the right subscribers, showing them merchandise and offers that are personalized to them individually. You'll save time and resources previously spent on campaign development and you'll greatly increase subscriber engagement and revenue through these personalized campaigns.

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